Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tee Shirt Quilt

This is a picture of just one of the many tee shirt quilts (or tee shirt blankets as I like to call them) that I have made. Put the shirt on the cutting board, smooth out, plop down your big square rotary ruler, cut around ruler, arrange in pleasing order, serge together in rows, then serge those rows together (no iron-on interfacing used - serger's differential feed will take care of any waviness), plop the tee layer on top of a soft fleecy blanket from the store, meander quilt all over the layers (no batting), trim blanket an inch from all side, bring to front, tuck under and decorative stitch or zig-zag stitch in place. VERY fast, very easy. People LOVE these because it is made from their memories and is very soft and cuddly. This is not a hang-on-the wall quilt. It is an oh-my-goodness-my child-just-graduated-from-high-school-and-just-yesterday-she-was-12-and-now-I-need-to-make-something-fast quilt. This is shown on a bed, but it is usually on a couch as a throw. Hope you are enjoying the warm weather if you are near northern WI. See you tomorrow! Jerilynn


  1. Hi Jerilynn,
    I love your secret for making fast and beautiful t-shirt quilts so much I linked to it here:

    Scarlett Burroughs
    Quilting Editor, Craft Gossip

  2. This is awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wonderful tricks and your tshirts were georgous. I wish mine were as colorful.

  4. Jerilynn,
    I saw this post of the craftgossip blog (thanks Scarlett!) and I have been saving tshirts to complete a couple of these for my sons. Only problem is I don't have a serger but a regular sewing machine. Any suggestions or stitch you would use to keep from using the iron-on interfacing?

  5. Melinda, sorry for the delay in the answer...just found your comment/question. You could experiment with a narrow zig-zag. Or, when sewing it, "push" the fabrics a bit into the feed other words, don't let the feed dogs pull on the knits and stretch them, but almost force feed the fabric through. Cut some big squares of the tee shirts from the backs that you aren't going to use and play around with those. You could also try putting tissue paper under the shirts as you stitch the seam and then tear away the paper. That might work, too. Good luck and let me know how it turns out.