Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I Might Put Out Some Autumn Decorations This Year

Years ago, I would decorate for every season - didn't we all do that? I used to pretend I did it for the kids, but I don't think they even noticed that when they got home from school a different "theme" had appeared. Gradually the boxes of stored items labeled "Autumn", "Halloween", "Christmas", "Snowmen", etc., have turned into a couple of boxes that simply say "Decs". Inside you will find just the favorites that I still can't bear to part with. Maybe they are things given to me by friends that are no longer with us, or maybe some of them are grade school art from one of the kids. Funny how a song, or a scent, or a seasonal decoration can take you right back to that point in time. I think I used to have a whole box of "Sunflower" items. Our wrap-a-round screened porch at our old house was usually where I put the sunflower stuff. It was also the storage for all the yard toys and the gathering spot for the neighborhood adults. Good times and good memories. Of course I had to design a sunflower coaster, complete with swirly seeds. For some reason our youngest grandson, nearly a year old, loves to grab this coaster off the table near the Red Chair and squish it around in his hand and give it a taste. I think he can identify the beverages it has held. This design would be cute on a tote, or, with a little tweaking, would be a great applique. Another sunny fall day, better get out and walk before it gets too slippery with snow! Jerilynn

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