Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cotton Theory Rug

My neighbor at the cabin, Betty, is a certified Cotton Theory Teacher and I took a class at her

house to make a rug. I picked out some bright fabrics (of course!) and some striped fabrics that would give an overall look of a rag rug. You can't really tell from the photo, but the white-looking fabric has a black stripe and that really makes it look like the string running through a rug from a loom. Not really up on my weaving terms, oops. The fun thing about Cotton Theory stuff is that they are reversible, so when I bloop something on the rug, I can turn it over for more floor time before hitting the wash. It is made just from cotton, with a cotton blend batting. It washes beautifully. How do you like the floor that it is on? Well, say good-bye to that floor! Our old fridge sprung a leak sometime last summer while we were at the cabin. The floor in a wide area around the accident zone has the grain of the wood very raised. Not so comfy on bare feet. Of course the floor is old enough that it can't be repaired, so we need to tear up all the wood in the kitchen, breakfast room, dining room, and entry. Fun! We decided to wait until after my sister is gone (she is here for a month) because the kitchen will be out of order for a couple of days. It should look nice and new by the time the holidays roll around. The fridge? Had to replace it...boy, those things aren't cheap! The rug, however, did not get ruined at all - still the star of the kitchen! Happy sewing. Jerilynn

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  1. This is so cute jeri. Do you think a novice could learn it. If you teach this class let me know, ok?