Saturday, October 2, 2010

Bodum (R) and My Red Chair

Good Morning! We managed to get on an earlier flight in Las Vegas, and, even with the waiting-on-the-runway delays with that flight, made it back home almost before our scheduled flight was to take off. After a quick stop at the Castle, we were home! I am now in my favorite red chair, drinking the first cup of coffee that is in my favorite Bodum(R) mug. Bodum glasses are so fun - double layers of glass keep things hot and keep things cold. I like their simple modern shapes, too. Nothing seems to be too new around here. Even the pile-o-mail wasn't too large or surprising. There is a darling little neighbor girl who was passing around a flyer to walk dogs to earn enough money to buy a bike. We don't have a dog, but her flyer was so cute I asked her if she would bring in our mail while we were gone now and then. The business relationship was sealed and she has been helping us all summer and now even into the fall. She does a wonderful job. Sewing Club is today at my local sewing machine dealer. I wasn't going to be able to go because we were originally going to be home too late and I anticipated on being very tired. So, I think I just may get to go! Even though my brain is buzzing with new knowledge and ideas, sewing is like ice cream - there is always room for more to just ooze on in. What else is on the list for today? Unpack, organize the sewing room a bit, and start making a project plan. Most of what I bought Out West is arriving by post early next week, but I did carry a few things back. I will show you pictures of what I do. Have a good weekend, Jerilynn

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