Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Finding Knitting Needles

My double pointed needles were always not where I wanted to find them. Plus, after I did find them, I then had to find my measuring tool to find out what size they were. Bother. I decided to make a roll divider for them out of ....Wool Felt. Strangely for me, I didn't make it out of a
bright color or make it very decorated. Just simple. What I did do, however, is come up with an idea to identify what size the needles are. I just sewed a 2" strip of vinyl to the top of the pocket closing up the bottom, but leaving the top open for labels. When I stitched the dividing lines, it also formed the little see-through pocket. I didn't put the needles in numerical order because I just made the needle pockets random sizes. So, I just stuck in the needles where they fit the best. I have room for expansion at the end of the roll. To tie the roll I used some ribbon that looks like a measuring tape. Us knitters know how handy that will be, right? Another thing that bugged me about knitting needles is that it is getting harder and harder to read what size my bamboo needles are - they must be printing the numbers on smaller and lighter. Anyway, I decided to use a tiny permanent marker and just mark on the end of the needles what size it was. I have the single point needles in a vase and can easily read the size and find the needles I need. Last week I separated my yarns by type so now I have NO reason not to knit up something cute. Hopefully, I won't buy more needles that I already have but can't find. Jerilynn


  1. So this might be a stupid question, but I am not a knitter... why multiples of the same size needle? Do you often need more than two?

  2. Oops, somehow my answer didn't get posted. Anyway, you need multiple needles of the same size to work a project "in the round". The stitches are spread over 3 or 4 needles and then a free needle does the knitting. I need more than one set of a size because I may have two projects going at once.