Sunday, December 12, 2010

Stocking Number Two

This is the "Mom" stocking of the set. This is probably a very obvious statement. I have a little white thing going on with the two so far, so I want to keep it going. The stocking for Megan, the dog, will be a white bone with some sort of red bow. Don't know for sure what I should put on the stocking for Benjamin. He really seems to be fond of penguins for some reason, so maybe I should go in that direction. That doesn't seem very Christmassy, though. I should have kept the snowman for him, but it is too late for that! What wasn't too late, though, was adding more quilting to the black table runner I made. Every time I walked past the dining room table I thought "cute, but needs more stitching". Enough of that! I pinned it well and did some echo quilting around the shapes. Now when I walk past the runner I think "cute, the stitching looks great!" You just have to listen to your gut sometimes. Jerilynn

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