Monday, December 13, 2010

Countertops and Knobs

When I built the condo, I got to choose what went into it. I was a single lady at the time, so I was careful to stay within the "allowances" the builder gave me for the various items. I went way over budget on the doors - I wanted solid doors and knew that down the road I would update/upgrade carpet and light fixtures, but didn't think I would ever change the doors. So, when it came time to pick out the kitchen counter top I picked a laminate. I looked at the small square samples and picked out what I thought was a nice beige/white shiny laminate. I have always liked shiny - to me that looks clean and bounces light around. Anyway, two days before I was to move in, the counters arrived and...horrors! They had the white and beige, but also huge veins of harvest gold. Ooops. I guess the sample didn't show that! I shed a few tears, but my main squeeze assured me that laminate counters are not expensive to replace. So, I agreed to have the builders put them in. Flash forward 9.5 years. The counters were still in place and I married that nice guy. I wanted to put in a solid surface counter, but balked at the price. Especially since we are doing that cabin addition, it just didn't make sense. Plus, our kitchen is well laid out, but small. A multi thousand dollar counter might just look a bit out of place! We decided to put in a black, high def laminate that had a rounded front, and no back splash - just straight to the wall. We replaced the silver knobs with some black ones. I think we will paint after the holidays, maybe a reddish color. The appliances are still white - black would have been way too much black, and stainless, even though popular, is basically grey. So, talking myself into keeping the white ones, I decided to think they brighten the space. Add a red wall color, it could look pretty good. We might consider tile, but that might look busy. Those old counter tops are just a memory, but I do have to say that they sure didn't show a thing! I think all that harvest gold was a magic color. The black shows crumbs and streaks if you use a soapy cloth. We run a tight ship around here, though, so I think it will be just fine. Plus, I can always get new 9.5 years. Jerilynn


  1. Gorgeous kitchen! My mom put in black tops and she says the same thing about the streaks. I'd love to upgrade my countertops.

  2. We had seen these countertops at a parade of homes in a bathroom. The counters were this high def black, the sink was a Kohler square in white, and the cabinet was a lighter wood. Looked really sharp! We are adding on to our cabin and the walls and ceilings are going to be natural pine car siding, so we thought the black countertops with a white sink would look good - not sure about the vanity cabinet - might do in pine with a colored stain. Anyway, after putting these into the kitchen I am second guessing the choice of putting them in a bathroom. Especially ones that aren't used much. Would the dust show? Make-up? Toothpaste? I have until January or February to decide and then I have to pick and just love it no matter what!