Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I Bet You are Starting to Worry

Yes, this is another wine bottle cover. This time in the oh-so-favorite-fabric, wool felt. What makes this one special is that is has metallic stitching on it and it says "cheers....cheers."...etc. That doesn't show up too well in the photo, I know. But, what is even more special about it are the jingle bells on the end of the ties. I have been in a jingle bell mood this year. They are looking very cute to me. I saw a bracelet made out of small colored jingle bells strung on a stretchy cord. I would make myself one but I think I may irritate myself. So, I may just tuck that good idea back into my brain filing cabinet to find again some day. I have purchased, however, two different batches of silver bells this season. I hope I can find some kind of creative project to use them in. The wine bottle idea was pretty good, but I think I may be getting tired of making them. Plus the wine is all gone. Jerilynn

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