Thursday, December 16, 2010

Stockings Done!

I made a list of the things I still need to make before next weekend and I was a little surprised to see how long it was. I previously was feeling pretty good about being on top of things, but the last week has thrown me some loops and I guess I got a bit behind. Plus, all the cookies we made a couple of weeks ago are all gone. One of the dangers of baking early, I guess. One thing I got done today was the rest of the Christmas stockings for Peter and Katie. They moved into their new-to-them house yesterday, so I thought I better get the stockings done right away. I added hot-fix pearls to the snowmen and some crystals to the angel. The bone has some slightly reflective stones, too. I think they turned out good - we will see if they are well-received! Thanks to NDL for the suggestion to make Benjamin's stocking a little snowman like his dad's. I have some great coasters to show you, but I will wait until tomorrow - I might have more colors done by then. This weekend is more sewing and more baking. I will try to stay away from the wonderful red Christmas cookie plate once it is full again. Ya, right. jerilynn


  1. Very nice! I like how the little snowman will have to grow into a full set of buttons like his dad's. Perhaps he will get one more at ten and then another at twenty-years-old.
    What lucky kids to have a mom and grandmom who is such an artful and prolific baker and seamstress.

    Merry Christmas.

  2. I love these Jeri, and what a perfect housewarming present for the kids just in time for Santa! The Noel coasters are great too.