Friday, December 31, 2010

Not Reviewing my 2010

Am I the only person that does not like "year in review news"? The news wasn't all that tasty the first time around. At the end of the year, when I have extra cookie pounds on, a messy house, decorations to put away, and a big to-do list of things that got put off over the holidays, I am forced to re-live the news of 2010. It is hard to get excited about a new year when the year you wanted to get excited about last year wasn't all that great. All that aside, I AM excited about the new year, and don't want to waste any energy on reviewing the last. So, what am I excited about? Lots of things, not necessarily in this order: A new venture with some of my patterns, a new studio and a bigger cabin, a trip to Las Vegas for a daughter Cindy's 40th birthday, remodel of son Peter's house, fun with grandchildren and children at the cabin, sewing retreats with sewing friends, and continuing to keep you updated with what I create through this blog. The Red Chair is the perfect spot to visit with you every night. Tonight the fire is turned on - it is NASTY out! Perfectly awful night for New Year's Eve, unless, of course, you have skates on and protective clothing. I have on my red flannel jammies, sipping some orange juice and champagne, watching daughter Barb and husband Carl watch an action movie. My children got me Netflix for a year, so I may just find a chick flick on the computer and relax. It wouldn't be a special day if I didn't give you a wool felt coaster! This one is influenced by the Pottery Barn Noel sign and the post office Love stamp - find a previous post to get the history. Speaking of history and the post office - it has been announced that starting in 2011 stamps will no longer have the denomination on them. All stamps will be forever stamps. Just think about that for a moment. A piece of history is gone! Sad. But, I looked ahead at the stamps for 2011 and there are some pretty cool ones that will be out there! See, another thing to look forward to. Happiest of years to you. Let's stay in touch. Jerilynn

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  1. I was home watching netflix too! I would really like to take one of your classes so I'm going to watch the blog for upcoming opportunities. Hope to visit your cabin this summer too. It is going to be a wonderful retreat for you and Carl and your growing family. I read your blog daily, and it inspires me to think about being creative, though I rarely actually make things. It's more about the spirit of innovation and appreciation of the process. I'm there for sure! :-)