Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Good Mess of Bonnie Bags

When my Grandma Fry made homemade noodles for the holidays, she would look at them all laid out to dry on a clean white dish towel and pronounce them "a good mess of noodles." My friend ordered 3 Big Bottom Bonnie Bags for Christmas gifts, so I made 6 - then she can pick which 3 she wants. After I got them done, I looked them over, and pronounced it a good mess of Big Bottom Bonnie Bags. She's a beader so I am counting on her to add wonderful beaded zipper pulls. I really enjoy making these, and would have liked to keep making more. The fabric combinations are fun to pick out. Sometimes, though, that takes the most time. The sewing together is the easy part! Jerilynn


  1. These are gorgeous! I'm going to have to make some of these myself! Thanks for the pictures.

  2. Why, thank you! I think I better make some for ME, too! Shoemakers' children never have shoes.....