Monday, December 20, 2010

Wash the Dishes with Holiday Cheer (acutally, Joy)

Thank goodness my Christmas dishcloths are still in pretty good shape. I haven't been knitting them so far this season. They seem, however, to go "bad" all at once. I used to have piles of knit dishcloths in a basket and then pawned them off on the kids whenever they walked in the door. It wasn't until after youngest child threatened a dishcloth rehab stint that I decided I better cool the knitting for a bit. I am sure next year the current cloths will look a bit sad and I will have better ideas for designs and colors. We went up to the cabin today to unload the second level. The roof will be removed next week so that the new bedroom level can be tied in. I forgot to bring my camera, but it is coming along. Doesn't seem real. Still no water up there yet, so we can't stay. Now that all the second floor stuff/furniture is on the main level, there wouldn't be anyplace for us to stay, anyway! We will have to wait a few more weeks. Jerilynn

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  1. you need an iphone. Then you wouldn't have to 'remember' you camera as a separate item than your phone (I have not touched my digital camera since I got the iphone4). Also, you could use this cool App: Fabric Stash. I'm sure that is only one of the MANY Apps you would love. Anywho, cute, cute, cute. I'm super excited about the bigger and better cabin!