Sunday, December 12, 2010

New Stockings

Peter and Katie and Benjamin (youngest son, wife, their son) are moving to a new-to-them house next week and the fun thing is that their lower level family room has a great gas fireplace. A request was put out for stockings to hang, one for "Dad", one for "Mom" , one for "Benjamin", and one for "Megan" (the dog). I have two of them done, but need more fabric - I think more is on the way, so they should be done in plenty of time for Santa to fill them up. Ellen (middle daughter) drove up from Madison to help them pack and got to be in our big blizzard today! Some reports say 20"! I believe it. This is very cool. Jerilynn


  1. what happened to the cool red wool one???? It didn't make the cut??

  2. Hi Jeri,
    Quick question, when you make your wool stockings do you use one or two layers of wool~ is there a lining? And, how about your wool wine bottle bag? I love your designs they are so cute!

  3. Thanks for the complimetn and thanks for the comment! I get so excited when I see that someone has written something!! For the stockings, I used one layer of wool felt and one layer of flannel - no interfacing or batting. I make a stocking pattern the size I want that includes enough length on the leg part to turn over a cuff. I then add 1/4" seam allowances. I cut a lining piece, in this case the red dot, the same size. I sew a lining to an outer fabric to the top edge of each side of the stocking, right sides together. I press open the seam and then lay the stocking on top of the stocking and the lining on top of the lining, right sides together. At this point it looks like a big squared off "c", sort of - the toes are both pointing to one side with the long leg parts connecting them. Leave an opening in the lining side to turn inside out once the edges are all stitched together. Turn right side out, stitch opening closed. Push the lining inside the stocking and turn down the cuff. I embroidered the names on the lining cuff before stitching all together. It is a little tricky to make sure you are placing it correctly, and on both stockings already done, I panicked when I turned the stockings right side out because the name looked totally in the wrong place, but once the cuff was turned down, all was good! The wine back is just one layer of wool felt, cut 16" x 11". Sew up the back seam, twist it to the middle back, sew up the bottom seam. Put a tie about 4" down from the top. My daughter made tons of reversible wine bags with ties on both sides, much the same way that I made the stockings. I will be happy to explain this more if this doesn't make too much sense!