Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Still Decking the Hall

Hooray for me! I finished the Christmas quilt I started a year or two ago. It is hanging in the stairway from the upper level to the lower level and seems to fit right in. Carl isn't around to help me hang it straight, but I had a couple of good friends hold the ladder for me while I risked my very life. When he gets home I know he will make it look better. I didn't do much quilting on it-in the ditch around the blocks and a slight echo quilting around each applique. I might do some more quilting on it at some point, but the binding is on, so I think that may not be a very good idea! I am not using it on a bed, and it will be up only a month or two each year, so I think that I may just pronounce it "good" and move on. This was a kit I bought a couple of years ago called "Festival of Trees" and it is from a book called Juniper and Mistletoe. The fabrics are flannels and brushed cottons. The folk art look appealed to me. I may use some of the block motifs to make some pillows. It just occurred to me that I don't have many festive pillows. There are some great ones out there in stores, but that just wouldn't be right, would it? Jerilynn

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  1. Love this! Each one of these separate designs would make a great pillow. Doit Jer!