Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I Made All These Snowmen Ornaments

That is not true. I shouldn't lie, especially three days before Christmas. My friend Joani and her daughter make a snowman ornament every year for their friends and family and I am very fortunate that I fall into the friends column! I decided this year to make a Joani snowman layered decorative display. Don't you think they look really cute in this glass bowl? The picture doesn't show all the great ornaments in the back, just take my word for it. The place mat that it is on is two layers of Woolfelt with big white rick rack in between. Today I finished the rest of the little labeled felt pockets and started to make a magazine tree, ala Martha Stewart. The video instruction is here. I got three pages folded and realized that I had a million things to do and making a magazine Christmas tree was not on the list. I should go to the lower level and retrieve the started tree and relax in my Red Chair. Or, I could just relax in my Red Chair. Jerilynn

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  1. Aw, Jeri!! Can't wait to show Raina!!

    Merry Christmas