Sunday, December 19, 2010

Happy Snowman Coasters

This coaster set turned out pretty good. I designed the happy snow guy in the Bernina V6 software using the cross stitch program. It was so easy - if you can draw a picture, you can do cross stitch. The software puts little "x"'s in for your drawing. Very cool. I thought that two simple cross stitch snowflakes would look nice in the set. This is for a relative that collects snowmen stuff. I think she will like this! The back is dark grey. My friend Meg suggested that the back felt is put on after the main design is stitched. Brilliant! I don't have any thread trimming to do for the main design. Once that is all stitched, I just place a piece of the backing color under the hoop and press the final border. It works very good! Today was a busy day in the kitchen, too. We made a triple batch of thumbprint cookies, a batch of no bake chocolate cookies, and I made a batch of date nut pinwheel cookies. My mom used to make the date cookies years ago and we both just had a taste for them. The recipe was a bit putzy. I would tell you if they taste good but I am still really full from dinner. We had two-for-one coupons for Culvers for burgers and sundaes, and you know I just can't pass up a good deal! But, I am super full! I think I need a coupon for a gym or something. Jerilynn

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