Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Start of a New Project

As I have said before, I love woolfelt and I love machine stitches. I am starting some new projects for some pattern ideas and this is one of the squares I did today. I am liking the slightly 0ff-red color of the felt, and I also like the cream thread for the stitching. I am hoping the project will end up looking Scandinavian. All the squares will be different and I have three done so far. It is great fun using the swirly and twirly designs, and also great fun to try to make it be as square as possible and have the stitches look good. It is hard to do, but I am giving myself permission to just have fun with this and not worry about things that are just a bit off. Because this project is built square by square, if I really mess up one of the squares, it is no big deal - I just won't use that one in the final project! Fun way to start the year. Jerilynn

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