Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Santa, your cookies are ready!

Usually the day after Thanksgiving we have a huge cookies making day that spills over to Saturday. I can't even tell you how many cookies or how many different varieties we make. This year, however, it didn't happen. For various reasons, we didn't have much of a crowd, and Friday the ovens stayed cold. This just isn't a good thing - we need cookies! So, last night and today, Carl and I made three different types of cookies: thumbprint cookies (Carl's favorite), no-bake chocolate cookies (my favorite), and sugar cookies (everybody loves those). I am sure we will have to make more. After all, it is only December 1 and the cookies go fast. I have a couple of new recipes I would like to try. Somehow the old favorites just get to the top of the list. Jerilynn


  1. A grown-up and becoming domesticated member of the former West Hill band of merrymen is getting a Kitchenaid mixer this year for Christmas and along with it THE neighborhood cutout cookie recipe. Now he can try to stop himself from swiping and eating the dough trimmings as fast as they are created.

    Yours are beautiful. How will you eat them?