Saturday, December 11, 2010

Poms and Felt

I bet there are some out there in blogland that remember these Christmas wall hangings. They made the rounds of the craft scene in the early 80's. The red/pink/hot pink/lime/olive theme was popular. But, so was the blue/turquoise/navy/olive/lime theme. The felt wasn't the Jerisew wool felt favorite. It was the good old dime store craft felt. Back then the ball fringe was easier to find. Whenever anyone found a good selection of colors, though, the call tree was started. There was a store in Eau Claire, the Co-op, that usually had all the colors you needed. Iron-on interfacing on the back, and the felt and pom-poms were glued on with Elmer's. Almost 30 years later this creation is still getting pulled out of the Christmas box. Why? Other favorites don't make the cut every year. Did I have the felt disease even back then? I decided to make a "new" one, and even bought some burlap. Ball fringe, however, is a different story. Wow, prices have gone up! Subtle color ways, needed for the overall artistic value aren't available. I did manage to get a few colors. Somehow I hope to tie it all together with the felt colors. I am thinking about sewing the shapes on to the background, which maybe I should make be a linen type fabric. I may be ruining a tradition, though. Better leave it be. Jerilynn

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  1. I made mine in the early 70's. Maybe that's why it looks more "ragged"!! Still a keepsake - which my daughter hates but it has her name on it. He He!!!