Friday, December 3, 2010

I Only Changed it a Little

Don't you just love looking up recipes on the internet and seeing the ratings and then reading what they had to say about the recipe and then they say they love it and then they go on to tell you all the things they didn't add or all the different things they added to it and when all is said and done it really isn't the same recipe at all? Yes, me too. Anyway, my wreath is a little like that, but I didn't change it too much from the original. The original is from I saw it and fell in love with it and ordered it right away. It came nice and fast and this morning I had an opportunity to get a little sewing done while our new counter tops were being installed. (yes, I like them a lot!) Anyway, the pattern, very well written by the way, said to wash the canvas to make it soft and then tea dye it and the labels on the twill tape. I decided I wanted more of a Swedish look - whiter and with touches of red (of course). So I kept the canvas a bit stiff, sewed all the words on the twill tape, then used my Bernina 440 to sew on all the red buttons. Then, instead of sewing the front wreath on a back canvas wreath, I decided to use red wool felt. I think it turned out really cute. I have enough canvas and twill tape left over to make another one, but I would need more word labels. Speaking of labels, (same wonderful company) has a label of the month club that is very fun. At the first part of the month they send you some labels and a pattern to use them. The fabric and fixins to make the projects are on their etsy site if you so choose to buy them. This is the company that I order my Jerisew labels from that I sew on the stuff I make. They also did my business cards. Look on their etsy site and you will find tons of very cute stuff. I ordered the Christmas Name Picture when I ordered the wreath kit, so that will be a project I work on soon. Sounds like this is an advertisement for them, and maybe it is. I just love their style. Even if I do change it just a little. Jerilynn

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