Sunday, June 1, 2014

My friend Laura (, is a non-professional, not-blogging-for-profit blogger. She said to me "You haven't updated your blog since February 12. Start blogging again. I miss reading your blog." Simple, to the point. I have been on the fence, trying to decide if I wanted to continue to document my creative output, or if I wanted to leave the blogging to the young ones, with their fancy ads and sponsors. I guess I needed a nudge, to get off the fence, and once again post about what I am doing. This pillow is one of the latest things I have made, and sums up what I have been up to. A three week escape to the Florida Gulf Coast this March, opening up and using our wonderful new screen porch, the late spring/summer onslaught of family and friends, watching the trees bud and leaf out, and watching our four-year-old grandson catch bass after bass on his little Spider-Man fishing pole. Challenges, too, as there are for everyone. But, to sum it up: This is the life. The fabric is some mystery home dec fabric that I recently bought at Joann's. It also comes in red and tan. The font I used is the Bernie fun. It sits on a wicker chair in the new sunroom along with some blue-jean pillows. It makes me smile. And it also makes me smile to be writing this blog again. Thank you, Laura! Jerilynn

Location:Life is What Happens When You are Busy Making Other Plans


  1. Double yay!!!!

    One year when our little nephew came to the lake and caught sunnie after sunnie, sometimes without even baiting the hook on his Snoopy pole we called it the fish-o-matic. He had so much fun.

    Indeed, this is the life.

  2. Triple yah!! I missed your blog! and you too!!!!

  3. Thank goodness you are back!