Thursday, June 12, 2014

Store & Go Zipper Case

This is one of the patterns I did for Indygo Junction that debuted at the Spring Market in Philadelphia.  At first, IJ was skeptical about the pattern because it is made using a circular attachment foot on the sewing machine, both for the decoratively stitched circles and for inserting the zipper.  It actually is a very fun and clever (if I do say so myself) way of making a pouch.  I originally sent the pattern and models to them calling it Moon Zipper Pouch.  I loved the way it went from a "full moon" when open to a "half moon" when closed.  I guess the powers that be thought the name was a bit odd...thus, Store & Go Zipper Case.  They did a nice blog write-up on it here.  Lots of positive comments on the case, but that could have been due to the give-away they were offering.  The cases are shown set up as a sewing kit case and a travel jewelry case.  Other uses can be created, of course.  I hope the pattern does well, but in the end, I create stuff because it is fun.  And making circles with decorative stitches is right up there on the fun scale with fruity drinks on the porch.  Well, maybe not quite as much fun as fruity drinks on the porch.  Jerilynn


  1. Hey! I love this idea, and have been putting off purchasing the circular attachment due to expense. BUT, your pouch is so cute. One more tiny "but": can you give me any other info on inserting a zipper with that attachment as I don't want to be over my head. Thanks!

    1. Debbie, I think the pattern should be pretty clear, but you can always contact me directly at I would be happy to help clear up any confusing steps!

  2. Did you mean to hyperlink to their blog for the write up?

  3. Sorry, link didn't show as link, but did work. All good