Sunday, June 8, 2014

Waves and Fish

As you know, I am fairly good at Knervous knitting - watching tv and knitting endless dishcloths, almost without even looking at what I am doing. I am not so good at Careless Crochet. I had started the crochet chevron afghan a few years ago. It required a certain amount of attention: seven single crochets in the back loop (tbl - had to google that abbreviation), skip two loops in the valleys, crochet three single crochets at the peak. The yarn is washable wool, very pretty and squishy, but does tend to split. So, I had put the project aside. Actually, I stored it in a huge orange birdcage in my studio and thought of it as decor. I realized that the half finished blanket would look perfect in the sunporch. So, I opened the cage door and set the project free. The yarn was purchased so long ago, that I was restricted to just the amount I had on hand. The finished size isn't huge, really it is just a lap and leg and foot blanket. It looks great over the back of the chair and pretends it's the waves for the colorful fish on the pillow. I now have a basket (a cute basket, of course) by my denim covered chair and will knervously knit a few more dishcloths. Although, I am using a seed stitch pattern, and calling the resulting squares "spa cloths". More sophisticated, don't you agree? Jerilynn


  1. I love the sharpness of the chevrons! beautiful colors as well!

    1. Thank you! It is so fun to have a comment on a post. Thanks for taking the time to do so!