Thursday, June 5, 2014

Sittin on the Porch

I am sitting on the porch, drinking a second cup of coffee, delaying leaving this wonderful spot, to go up to the studio (also a wonderful spot, btw) and get busy. I did something that I haven't done in a long, long time. I bet all sorts of things pop into your head, but this is what I did: I tore two pages out of a magazine! Before Pinterest, Page Tearing us what I did to "remember" recipes, or craft ideas, or decorating inspiration. Occasionally, I would attempt to organize the pile of sheets into file folders, but I don't think I ever referred to them again. Then Pinterest! I look at my boards all the time. Cook pinned recipes. Make/copy crafts. I wonder if there is a grand plan to get me totally hooked and then hold my boards ransom until I pay up. I will. So, looking at the June issue of Better Homes and Gardens, I came to pages 68 and 70. They are about a Happy Place, where "vibrant colors and comfy furniture can turn a porch into a favorite hangout." Love the stool/side table! Love the patchwork pillows! Love the blanket! Love the red planter! Love the dog (WHAT??.). I may try to find all the individual crushes on the internet and pin to the appropriate boards, but right now I have two colorful pages to actually pin up on the actual board in the studio. When I go up to get to work. Jerilynn

Oh, this photo! This is a picture of my new favorite necklace. I made this while we were in Florida. The strap is leather and has knots that adjust to different lengths. I have made three more, and all have sold. I think I have one more of the large center silver piece and will try to make another.

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