Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Woolfelt Fish Coasters

Living by a lake, and having a wonderful new screen porch that looks at the lake, I have been in a fish frame of mind of late.  I wanted to come up with some fish coasters ( made from....???), but needed them to be glass-friendly, not long and thin.  I decided to flip their tail up and then give them some fantasy markings.  I think these would fall into the sunfish family.  These are for a store, but I made another set for the porch.  I hope the room isn't getting too fishy.  Funny how rooms take on a life of their own.  While planning and building the porch, I pinned several porch shots to Pinterest of sunporches that I really loved.  I look back through those photos and see bits and pieces that we used, but our porch decided to be something a bit different, unique.  Life is like that sometimes, too.  You plan, and have a vision, but it isn't always what you thought it would turn out to be.  It usually is so much better!  Jerilynn

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