Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Go Fish and Returned Gifts

Have you ever given someone a gift that you secretly wanted yourself and talked yourself into believing that they really wanted it too, but they really didn't?  Years ago I gifted my oldest son a large format ink jet printer, one that would print up to 13" x 19".  He and his then girlfriend (now wife) had just returned from a trip to Italy, and I thought they might just love having HUGE photos of their trip, never mind that they lived in a small rental with no office space for a HUGE printer or wall space for HUGE photos.  A couple years after the gift, I found out that the printer was still in the box.  I jumped at the chance, being kind, of course, to "buy back" the gift.  My son got a very nice check to get something he really wanted, and I got the printer!  Win, win.  Even though this printer is quite old by now, it still works quite well.  Of course, every time I have to buy all the colors of inks that it uses, or specially order the giant papers, I realize it was a silly gift for a young kid.  For a senior citizen, however, that loves to make digital art, it is a gem.  I found I could order canvas sheets, have Carl build stretcher bars, and I have stretched canvas art in a jiffy.  I have a collection of pictures of our kids and grandkids with fish they have caught.  I cropped in on just the hands holding the fish, printed them, stretched them, and hung them in a row along the the windows in our sunporch.  It is fun to have people guess the fisherperson and it is a great bunch of color.  Addy, age 1.5 at the time, hadn't caught a real fish.  She did, however, catch a play fish and was quite proud.  The catch was captured, and displayed with those of the big kids.  Five of our tribe have not made the wall, and it causes a bit of shame...I think this will be the summer they step up and Go Fish. New canvas will be printed and added to the wall.  The mis-given gift just keeps on giving.  Jerilynn  P.S.   THANK YOU for all the comments!!  Ala Sally Fields:  You like me!


  1. Thanks for your continuing inspiration. Glad to see you back!

    1. Thank you! It is good to be back. I guess I needed a bit of a break, but it feels good to post and chat a bit.