Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Fabric Supplied by Others

These photos are a bit out if order, but I think you are clever enough to figure out what's what. Addy, youngest granddaughter, turned two in April. Sarah supplied me with a stash of her clothes that she wore during her second year. I cut them up into small squares, and made a little quilt for her. On the back is a little dress, the favorite. I stitched it on so that a doll or bear could be slipped inside. I will get a picture of that for you soon. The other quilt was made for Sarah's brother Ryan and Joe, married in the spring. I got a huge bag of dress shirts from them, mostly Brooks Brothers. Oh, the workmanship and fabric! Beautiful! Hard to cut them up, almost. I cut them into triangles and did a bunch of mitering. The quilt turned out quite modern looking, and they seemed to really like it. I thought it may end up on a spare bed, but I have been told it is center front in their living room. The back is also some of their shirts, in big chunks. I think it is so clever to have people give you some old clothes and all you have to do is cut it up, sew it together and quilt! The quilts are usually a hit, because, after all, they picked out the fabrics! Jerilynn

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