Monday, June 9, 2014

Another Quilting Disaster!

Oh, my stars! I have been asked to make my Modern America quilt for a quilt exposition put on by American Made Brand fabrics. This is a new line of fabric that is made in the USA and will be in quilt shops soon. First stop is the quilt show in Sisters, Or, and it will eventually be at the Fall Quilt Market. I will show you a picture tomorrow when I have better light, but I do have a scary picture to show you. I quilted the states on the quilt with silver metallic thread in a star and swirl motif. I was happy that I learned a new free motion quilting design, and happy that I was doing it in metallic without any breaks or problems. This happiness overshadowed the truth: it looked really ugly on the quilt!!! We were gone a couple days this weekend, and upon my return, there was no doubt on what had to be done. It all had to be ripped out. It took forever, but I know it was the right thing to do. I simply outlined each state, and it looks so much better! What did I learn? Metallic quilting is probably not good on anything. Just because I learn a new quilting design does not mean it is a good one. And , AGAIN, listen to my gut when it is telling me to step away from the quilt and stop a bad looking job before it gets even worse. Jerilynn

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