Monday, June 2, 2014

Cumberland Pillow

This is a pillow I designed for a new store downtown, Idlewild.  The pillow fabric is linen and the lettering is Woolfelt.  The first pillow I made like this I printed Cumberland out, mirror-imaged it, traced it on fusible web, cut out the letters, and strait-stitched along the edges.  A bit labor intensive.  I then got the idea to use the embroidery machine.  I digitized the letters (the font is Lobster), added an outline around all the letters, then deleted all but the outline.  At the embroidery machine, I hooped the linen, placed a loose piece of Woolfelt on top, and stitched out the outlined word.  It was pretty easy just to trim around the stitching.  The overall effect is that of a"letter jacket". I am now thinking this technique would look good using the outline of Beaver Dam Lake and blue Woolfelt.  I will keep you informed.  Jerilynn


  1. You had better stock up on supplies. Those are going to fly off the Idlewild shelves.

    Remember: Never leave the embroidery machine unattended! It has a mind of its own and just might decide to make a Cable, WI pillow all by itself.

  2. Genius! I agree with NDL. Monogram pillows would be fun also.