Monday, May 7, 2018

Tiny Houses Afghan Needs Good Home

Hello there!  I was searching through my old blogs to find something, and I found myself enjoying seeing some of the stuff I have made and also reading about the process of making it.  I also liked reading about the various things going on in our lives.  I guess that is why some people journal.  For some reason, I find the digital journaling more fun, with the bonus of pictures.  So, I think I want to try to document my makings better.  We will see.

I have made three Tiny Houses afghans so far.  One was purchased for a birthday gift, one is in our living room, and one is waiting to find a forever home.  I have posted things on Instagram, and IG seems to be the place makers have migrated to to quickly post their creations.  I put the afghan on to see if I had any takers on the purchase.  So far, no bites.  It is a fun knit to do.  I use Knit Picks Dishie yarn, which is 100% cotton and holds its color really well.  I first make the individual house squares, then I hand sew them all together.  These are the same little house squares that I make for dishcloths.  But, if you have read any of my older posts, you will remember that my children think I spend way to much time knitting little squares.  If this afghan doesn't sell, how many of our six children will raise their hand to take this blanket to their house?  Hmm.  Jerilynn

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