Sunday, September 30, 2012

Canon Beach Scarf

So, you might wonder what this picture is all about. Twofold. it is a scarf that I made while on our visit to the Oregon Coast. The real star, however, is the rock formation in the back...Haystack Rock. The tufted puffins nest there in the summer before they head out to sea for the winter, Yep, they live far out in the Pacific all winter, drinking the salt water and sleeping peacefully in the swells. Cool birds, no? I have been to Canon Beach before and have a strong connection to the rock and the neighboring rocks, The Needles. So wonderful to visit again. The scarf? There is a wonderful bead/knitting shop there that made this random yarn ball to make this scarf. They tie various yarns together, use size 32 needles, and it makes this great scarf. Fast! This gave me the idea to use up all sorts of yarn to make "garbage" scarves. Can't wait to get home to start a few. We had a great time, and are now heading East. I will treasure my visit with my college friend, Marva, and my opportunity to visit places visited with friends that are no longer with us. Fun and sentimental. Perfect trip. Jerilynn

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Friday, September 28, 2012

Second Table Blanket Pattern

Hello! I suppose you've noticed I have been quiet as of late. We have been on a cross-country car trip from Northern WI (home) to the Oregon Coast, where I am now. Cumberland to Deadwood, SD; to Bozeman, MT; to Boise, ID; to Reno, NV; to Portland, OR; to Seaside and Canon Beach, OR. We are at the beach for a couple of days, then slowly work our way back home. I have been thinking of all sorts of new ideas to try once back in the studio. My college friend Marva is with us and we are having a ball catching up! She follows this blog and mentioned that I have been slacking on posts lately, shaming me into action. Soooo, here is a picture of the second new pattern I did for Indygo Junction. If you are "into" Swiss Army Blankets, then you might think this pattern is interesting. If you think the blankets are dull, well, you will not find this new pattern too tasty. I wanted to keep you informed, and make sure you knew that I was still among the living. Jerilynn

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

New Pattern!

Here is one of my latest patterns just released by Indygo Junction. It is one of two blanket-themed quilting patterns for the table. I was in a blanket mood when I came up with the idea. I love Hudson bay blankets but the real ones are just a bit out of my budget. Actually, I could probably find a good deal on one, but I have been knitting afghans and making quilts and throws. Just how much coziness can one cabin stand? I still would like to garter-stitch a cream and blue and green and yellow and red afghan. It would be great out of the Dishie cotton yarn that I have been using for the lap-sized afghans. They take me about 6 weeks to make, so don't expect a picture of that real soon. Jerilynn

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tablet Tote with Circles

Latest Tablet Tote!  This one is on osnaburg fabric, again, but I embroidered it using some software from Oregon Patchworks that I talked about in this post. I especially like the big turquoise swirl with the dots at the end of the lines.  It has good texture.  After this was all done I decided it could have used more circles, but I didn't want to start all over!  I may investigate more of these circles for other projects.  The lining (didn't get a shot of it) is a Kaffe Fassett printe that looks perfect with all the colors.  I would think a black fabric would show off the colors nicely, too.  Jerilynn

Monday, September 17, 2012

A Blast from the Past

I haven't saved many of the dozens of embellished sweatshirts I made back in the 80's and 90's, but there were a few that made the cut for one reason or another.  The scarecrow shirt was not only saved, but it comes out once a year, usually when I start to see color in trees and catch the autumn spirit.  This applique pattern was from an old Piecemakers calendar, and I think it was so popular way back when that they put out a little pattern for it.  This was the first time I made a "ragged" applique, using "scribble" stitches to hold it in place.  The scarecrow's jeans were carefully cut from some old Levis, and the straw hat and crow  moon fabric was, of course, Debbie Mumm.  I can't begin to tell you how many of these sweatshirts I made, or how many were  made by the Women of the Woods, a bunch of sewers that weren't very old back then.  I am hoping if I keep this long enough, it will become back in style.  But, of course, I don't really care that much if I am just a bit un-stylish.  It brings back great memories.  And, it is about the only thing from over 20 years ago that still fits.  Jerilynn

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Puffin Izzy Bag (#4)

Izzy Bag number four.  I decided that the big tote bag I  made two days ago needed a smaller bag to fit inside to use when I didn't feel like using a bigger bag.  This latest Izzy Bag used the same bird fabric, but this time I used a tiny gold/orange check as lining and accent fabric.  This took about 3 hours to make, even with the extra zipped pocket on the back.  I am also thinking I need a Big Bottom Bonnie Bag to keep the big tote organized.  Maybe a small zipped bag for inside Izzy to hold cash and credit cards.  Any day now I may become tired of this fabric, but not yet.  Why all the bags?  We are going on an adventure next week to the West.  Deadwood, SD, Bozeman, MT, Boise, ID (Cindy, Jonah, Grandma McDonough), Canon Beach, OR (college freind Marva).  Then back to the cabin in time to catch the peak colors (I hope!).  Years ago I visited Canon Beach with Marva and three quilting friends, two of whom are now, sadly,  Angel Quilters.  We had a riot!  Haystack Rock at Canon Beach is where the Puffins nest  before they head out to sea in the late fall.  We got to see some puffins and decided they were definitely stylin', colorful birds!  As I was making the new bird bags, I decided that maybe I could pretend that the birds were puffins.  I have already had one request to purchase the tote bag.  Luckily I have more fabric and can duplicate the tote, because these birds are traveling birds and may come home with a little dusting of sand and salt spray.  That may  make them more valuable, though, don't you think?  Jerilynn

Friday, September 14, 2012

Bird Print Tote and the Sound Track to My Life

The picture of the fabric panel is really a picture of the shower curtain that I talked about in the June 9, 2011 blog.  It is the KAS Oslo bird fabric from Joann Fabrics.  It comes in two other colors, and I think it may be my all-time favorite fabric.  I had a big chunk of it leftover from the shower curtain so I decided to make a nice big tote from it.  I made up the size/design as I went.  There is an outside hidden zipper pocket, an inside double zippered pocket, a gusset zipper closing, and leather handles.  Quite fancy.  The whole time I was making the bag, I listened to the songs on my iPod and realized that they would all be perfect as the sound track for a movie about my life.  Now, I am not saying that my life would make a very interesting film, but I really think that we pick music that speaks to us at various times.  As I listen to all the songs, on shuffle, I remember different periods of my life, friends, family, jobs, even travels.  Some tunes make me feel young again, some make me miss people that are no longer around, all are personal.  My favorite CDs tend to be soundtrack CDs by various artists.  They fit well with all the actions and moods and scenes of the movie.  So, when my life story movie comes out, the soundtrack is all ready to go.  Just shuffle through my iPod.  Jerilynn

Thursday, September 13, 2012


The Quilt Expo in Madison had a button/bead/charm booth that I think was new this year.  It was the kind of booth that you could spend days and days in, looking at each and every button/bead/charm.  Most I had never seen before and I found the prices to be very reasonable.  Of course I couldn't decide on any buttons.  I wished that I had a project in the works that needed special buttons, but, alas, I did not.  I suppose I could create something around the buttons, but I didn't think of that at the time.  Anyway, I did find these handmade pewter "create" charms, and a few of them managed to come home with me.  I have been in a rainbow mood lately, so I thought the multi-colored African Christmas beads would be a good companion to the charm.  I ignored the long list of things I need to get done.  I did not ignore the message on the charm:  Create!  Jerilynn

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bird Quilt (I mean, Bird Placemats!)

My friend, Shirley, and I each bought a bunch of the Bird Panels from the Tranquility Collection by Sandy Gervais for Moda.  We spent a bit of time blocking out a "random" piecing strategy, using the big bird panels and the small bird squares that were a part of the borders on the panel.  Of course, Shirley's bird quilt is all done!  Not only is my quilt NOT done, but the room I was making the quilt for, the Blue Room, is in our condo, which was sold last spring.  Oops.  I wanted to make make more placemats using Soft and Stable and the mitered border technique (see September 1, 2012 blog post), so when I spied these bird squares, I knew that they were, at last, going to be used.  Some will have this striped border, others will have an orange print border.  They will look great with my vintage Crazy Daisy Corelle dishes.  I plan on making 6, which only leaves 39 bird squares left.  Oh, my.  I could make 6 napkins to match.  Which leaves 33 bird squares left.  Oh, dear.  Jerilynn

Monday, September 10, 2012

Third Izzy Bag!

This is the third Izzy Bag that I made.  Pattern, again, is Izzy Bag by Marlous Designs.  This time I did a color block with solids.  On the black front panel I used a Bernina Pintuck foot, number 32, and a twin needle.  I used different colors of Sulky cotton thread in rows of straight stitching and a wave stitch.  Good color and good texture.  On the back, there is a hidden zipper pocket with a colored zipper - I don't have the bag with me anymore, so I can't tell you exactly which color I chose.  Trust me, it is cute.  I used this bag at the Quilt Expo in Madison, WI, this past week and got many compliments!  I plan on teaching this bag at Sew Complete some time soon, so if you live near Eau Claire, WI, and want to learn some fun techniques, give them a call.  I  bought some great new fabrics at the Expo, and plan on another Izzy Bag sewing session very soon.  Just the right size for all the necessities!  Thanks for stopping by.  I have other fun things to show you very soon!  Jerilynn

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Not sure why the pillow picture isn't showing up in the blog post below... Just click on read more  to see the picture and the post.  I am at the Quilt Expo for a couple of days and posting from Madison....I will le you know if I see anything fabulous!!  Jerilynn

Go Fish

Monday, September 3, 2012

Presentation Piles

What looks to be the contents on my sewing room thrown on the floor, is really an organized presentation ready to get packed up.  I am the featured speaker at Sew Club at Sew Complete in Eau Claire, WI, tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening, and again on Saturday morning.  If there are any blog readers attending, they will recognize projects from my posts, and they will be able to enjoy a good nap during the talk.  I hope not too many people nod is quite hard to talk over snores.   I am a bit nervous about the whole thing and the icing on the cake is that I just got bit by a mosquito.  Between my eyes at the top of my nose.  While at my computer in the studio.  I usually swell up a lot from mosquito bites.  I imagine I will look quite interesting by tomorrow.  At least there will be something for the attendees to stare at!  Jerilynn

Rainbow Afghan

Not part of the presentation today is this just- finished afghan. Another product of my knervous-knitting series. 150 stitches on a long size 6 needle. Change colors a lot! This time I changed colors all at one edge, so there is a right side and a wrong side to the garter stitch, but it is personal choice as to which is which. I wove in the ends and didn't trim them until after it was washed and dried, and I really like that method. They are better hidden. The yarn is Knit Picks Dishie. It is just the right size and weight to be a good lap blanket. The kids and grand kids seem to grab for these small blankets first when they need something cozy. Another one is already cast on and a few rows have been knitted. Mindless, which is just what I need sometimes. Jerilynn

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Fast Placemats

Oh, boy.  I should work on my photo editing skills!  The actual color of the Timeless Treasures Denim fabric is somewhat inbetween the color of the blues in the two photos.  I could spend more time making them look better, but, the weather outside today is BEAUTIFUL and I need to exit the studio and get some fresh air!  I did want to show you, however, how cute these placemats are!  I got some of the denim print fabric from Sew Complete in Eau Claire, and my friend, Kim, gave me some cool red fabrics that I thought would be perfect with the blue.  I used the self-binding method talked about in this You Tube tutorial.   I have used this method for burp cloths and baby blankets, and it works just as good for fast placemats.  The secret ingredient?  Soft and Stable!  Yep, again.  Love that stuff.  Right before you stitch the seam that you used for turning the fabric right side out, you stuff in a layer of the Soft and Stable.  It is very similar to putting a pillow case on a pillow.  Smooth in place, press, stitch.  I used two rows of straight stitching using Jean Stitch thread in the Levi Jeans color.  I thought it was a good choice.  For a 18" x 12" placemat, you cut the main fabric 24.5" x 18.5" and the accent fabric 12.5" x 6.5".  The Soft and Stable is cut 18" x 12".  Follow the You Tube tutorial, leaving an opening in one long side, about 4 inches long, to insert the Soft and Stable once the placemat is tuned right side out and pressed.  Turn under the open edge and topstich in place.  A decorative stitch would work great, too.  Yee haw!  Jerilynn