Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Name Towel Hostess Gift

I needed a hostess gift and I didn't want to make a name sign and have the hosts feel like they needed to find a wall spot for it, if only when we were going to be coming over!  I decided a towel was safe - everyone can use another towel, right?  I selected the letters from my new favorite flickr site that I told you about a few blog posts ago.  In Photoshop Elements I lined them up and then printed on TAP - Transfer Artists Paper with the name mirror-imaged.  Cut around the outside of the letter block, iron to a dish towel with a hot, dry iron...poof!  A very quick and personal gift.  Wish I had a picture of their cabin - it is a gorgeous log cabin at the other end of our lake.  Wouldn't that image make a perfect gift, too?  Maybe if we get there early enough and if it isn't RAINING (as in every day for days...) I can take a quick picture and use it at another time.  Jerilynn

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Twighlight Time Zone

I am trying to make the instructions for Modern America a bit easier to follow, but this pattern will remain a challenging one.  I sew as I write, making sure that what I thought would work in my head will really work at the sewing machine.  This time I used small prints, checks, dots and stripes.  I am at the point where I need to applique this map on a background, but I don't have a big enough piece of something that would look good.  According to my new buying rules, I could go purchase something.  But, I had an idea:  what if I pieced a background with four different fabrics and aligned the seams with where the different time zones would be?  When we travel, I not only get excited about crossing state lines, but also love it when we cross a time zone "line".  How can that be?  Just a second ago it was an hour ago.  Time flies.  I think Carl may be getting a bit nervous about this whole project.  Last evening, while sipping an Old Fashioned (on the patio!!:), I commented that I should do a world map next!  Or, maybe not.  Jerilynn P.S.  For any Old Fashioned fans out there, the pre-mixed Brandy Old Fashioned Sweet from Arty's (made in Appleton) is downright delish...fancy bar quality, in fact. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Modern America

Modern America is finally done!  Well, I am still tweaking the instructions, but the pattern cover is shot, and the quilt and pillows are on their way to Spring Market in Portland, OR.  I will continue to develop a twin sized version, and a machine embroidery with the same flavor.  I hope this is something that was lots of work and took me almost a year from idea to reality.  Other pattern ideas were put on the back burner.  I was determined to get this figured out.  I am trying to make the instructions clear and easy to follow, but this will not be a beginner pattern.  I like a puzzle, and a challenge, so I  am hoping that there are others out there that will like both, also.  I will let you know how it does at market.  Wish I were going to Portland.  I have so many happy memories of attending with friends.  I am sure Jane and Jane are smiling down from Heaven and wishing me well.  Jerilynn

Saturday, May 11, 2013

I Should Have Been a Giraffe

It is snowing outside and there are whitecaps on the lake.  At least the ice is gone, but any idea about getting our dock in today has been put on hold.  Wind gusts, wind chill numbers.  Not my idea of a fun Saturday.  In the forecast, we show an 80+ degree day on Tuesday.  That is about 50 degrees warmer than today.  Crazy and heartbreaking.  Carl helped me hang a few more hooks in our closet and I organized some of my jewels.  There is no window in the closet, so the shot is pretty bad, but at least I didn't have to see the snow fly around.  I have a feeling that I have A LOT of pretty necklaces and bracelets.  I would say the majority are handcrafted by yours truly, but, still, it is embarrassing. I think it was Albert Einstein that had a great answer to the question, "Why do you only have one tie?"  "Because I only have one neck."  I have an over-abundance of chins, but only one neck.  Maybe I should consider a de-stash?  Jerilynn

Saturday, May 4, 2013

I Drink Coffee for the World's Protection

Excuse the dreary photo...surprise!  It is a dreary day!  Still a wintry mix this morning.  Now it is just raining and trying to get warmer outside.  Nothing to do but drink coffee and make a tator tot casserole.  I have been reduced to throwing tator rounds together with ground beef and broccoli and calling it dinner.  It is the best I can do today.  I thought I would show you a picture of something Carl made.  In the cupboard right above the Keurig (a gift from Patrick and Sarah and I love it!) is the stash of K-cups and mugs.  Some of the mugs are pretty cute and colorful, and some of the red ones, also gifts, shouldn't be hiding behind closed doors!  I love our cupboards, knotty alderwood, but with the walls all being natural knotty pine, and the counters black, the kitchen needs a little (a lot) of color.  I have been debating different backsplash choices, but none have bubbled to the top as being the right choice.  In the meantime, I am trying to add interest with pictures and assorted red things.  The little cup shelf is an idea I had to get some of the cute mugs out in the open without cluttering up the counter, a pet peeve.  The red would also serve to add some sparkle.  Carl zipped out his saw, some scrap wood, and the perfect little corner shelf was the result.  The sign?  Not red, but true.  Very true. Especially today. Jerilynn

Friday, May 3, 2013

Welcome to Wisconsin in May

As many of you know, we are in the midst of a winter storm.  Yep.  May 2 and May 3.  Record amounts.  The ice is still on the lake, now covered with snow.  Fishing opener is tomorrow.  I have on a fish necklace today to commemorate.  I had a mini reunion planned yesterday, today and tomorrow with some of  my old neighbors from way back.  We were going to catch up, craft, eat, drink, laugh.  Mother Nature decided to prevent this from happening, so I am trying to keep my dauber up. I am working on finishing a quilt for my mom for Mother's Day, and quickly pieced up a few squares for another twin sized quilt.  I am using up things I have, as promised, but the fabric bins don't seem any leaner.  Neither do I.  I have been drowning my sorrows in Brandy Old Fashions, Island White Chocolate Coconut Macadamia Nut Cookies, and Rotten Banana Bread (the bread is actually very good - the bananas that make the best bread, as you know, look very close to rotten!).  Someday, in the far, far, future, the sidewalks will not be slippery and I can go for a walk and maybe burn up some calories.  So, what does the above picture mean, other than Wisconsin is covered in snow?  On our travels West and South, we greatly enjoy being "welcomed" to each state.  Some states have very  nice signs, Wisconsin being one of them.  Some states have small, plain, signs that make us feel as if we are not really welcomed at all.  I get upset if I have accidentally slept through a state crossing and often wish that I had started taking pictures of the signs over these past years.  As I was pinning the quilt for my mom, I had the great idea of printing out pictures of all the state signs off the internet and making a collage.  I may even try to put them in somewhat of the position that their state is - Maine to the far, upper right, Washington to the far, upper left.  How cute would that be on a wall with framed maps, or maybe with a quilt of the United States of America?!  A quilt?  Yes.  My map quilt is finally going to market!  It is called Modern America, and I will show you a picture as soon as I get the go-ahead.  Jerilynn