Sunday, July 7, 2013

Doesn't Everyone Want a Beaver Dam Lake Towel?

So excited about a project that I am in the middle of!  The above photo is of Beaver Dam Lake, with  the depths in different colors.  I designed this using Bernina V6 software, so I not only have the outlines in vector format, but also in stitches, should I wish to embroider this out.  I printed the drawing on Transfer Artist Paper and then ironed it on a nice white dish towel.  It looks good, but I was limited by the 8.5" x 11" size of the paper.  Then it hit me! (An idea, not the towel)  I could upload a file to Spoonflower and have it printed there!  I did some research on the Spoonflower site and it seems as if most towels are printed on their linen/cotton fabric that is 54" wide.  I remembered that I ordered the fabric for our new shower curtain on that blend, so I made a towel out of some of the leftover fabric, washed and dried it, and was very pleased at the weight, and "wickiness" of the towel.  I am going to add the names of the bays of the lakes, and some of the nicknames of some of the spots...such as sunset and woodtick points.  Of course I won't be able to pinpoint where we live (red star in above shot), because I think other lake people might also think this is a fun idea.  I ordered a color chart from Spoonflower printed on the linen/cotton that will show the computer screen colors translated into print colors.  Once I get that, and the information from some locals on lake labels, I can upload and print.  I will not be limited by size, although four pretty good sized towels can be made from a yard.  That would leave plenty of room for a bigger map.  Placemats, tablecoths, even tee shirts made from the map printed on knit fabric.  This is fun.  Jerilynn