Saturday, October 25, 2014

What is Old is New Again

I'm seeing plaid everywhere, aren't you?  I had a little pair of Addy's jeans (size 2T) that were too small in the legs, but the waist still fit.  I cut them off below the zipper and added a ruffled flounce of plaid flannel.  I pulled out my Bernina ruffler attachment that I had for my old 1630, fit the Bernina 440!  I was happy about that.  Rufflers are cool to use.  It's a bit tricky to figure out how long to cut the strip you want to ruffle to fit whatever you are sewing it onto, but once you figure out the ratio, it is super fast sewing.  I made Ellen a jean skirt like this about 25 years ago.  Her's had three plaid ruffles, all a different plaid.  Had I known that such a skirt may be in style again in 2014, I may have held on to that.  I have also been remembering some of my smock tops I hand embroidered back in my college days in the 70's.  How fun would it be to have those again!?  And ponchos!  And boots!  I am sure at least those Frye boots would still fit...and the ponchos....maybe not the smock tops.  Jerilynn

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Hidden Messages

Let's see if you can "read" the pillow patchwork.  It says "Lijewski" for those of you that just don't see it at all!  I made the towel in the bottom photo (complete with use wrinkles) from the scrap bin that you see in picture two.  The towel was made with a stitch and flip method, using scraps and bits of leftover patchwork.  A couple rows of selvedges finish the top and bottom of the patchwork.  Seeing it in our kitchen, I almost thought the patchwork had a hidden message!  So, I got the idea to free form piece a strip that actually did spell out something.   It turned out too big for a towel, thus the pillow.  The blocks and strips that make up the letters finish about 1".  I didn't want to go smaller.  I only used a school ruler and scissors to cut up little pieces to use.  I wanted an improvisational look in both the towel and pillow.  It was a good exercise in letting go of perfect cutting and sewing.  Quite fun.  Jerilynn  P.S.  Simply glorious views outside the windows today...bluer than blue sky, sparkly water, yellow, gold, red, orange and green trees.  Very thankful for this inspirational place to create!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Little Elf Doll

We recently took a "look at the tree colors" ride on the back roads to Hayward, WI, a tourist town full of shops and a giant candy and fudge store.  Okay, maybe the ride was to stock up on candy for the long winter that is coming up, but the leaves were a good excuse.  There is a wonderful Scandinavian store there that is a simply must-visit each time we are in town.  I love all the red, of course, but also the wonderfully simple and whimsical Swedish decorations.  I have been loving the bottle topper elves that I have been making, but elf figures caught my eye at the store and I thought I could make one!  We stopped at Bargain Bills in Rice Lake on the way home, and I bought a 3 1/2" wooden doll form.  I cut some red felt to fit the form, stitched on some hearts on the hem, and some snowflakes on the hat.  I got out my glue gun, and in no time at all, I had a new friend.  Of course, I had to spritz him with glitter.  I did some internet searching for wood doll forms, and discovered that this form actually is a female form - narrow on top, but wide on the bottom.  The male wood doll forms are straight up and down.  I like the chubby shape of this elf, so underneath his furry beard he is all girl!  This little guy will be cute on a window ledge with some like buddies, or could be hung on a tree.  Felt, glitter and glue....heaven!  Jerilynn  P.S.  Happy October!  One of my favorite months!