Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Quite a busy few days around here. 12 to 14 people sleeping in various rooms and beds - fishing, swimming, eating, eating, eating, watching fireworks, making a campfire, eating. Everything went smoothly and I think most everyone had enough room to spread out. Today was the military funeral for Grandpa Jim at Fort Snelling National Cemetery in St. Paul. We all got up and going pretty early and met a few other family members at the line-up site. The ceremony was very well done and impressive. We had a great lunch afterward in St. Paul, Tim and Aaron left for Appleton, Grandma McDonough left for Florida, and Cindy and Jonah left for Idaho. One bunch went on to Mall of America, and Carl and I tackled Ikea. The red dressers I have been eyeing for a while came home with us! So, my creation for today was my assembly of the first dresser. Carl helped a bit with the final touches. Love the color and the size...very roomy. I will show you what else we got on another post! Hope your 4th was good, too. Jerilynn

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