Thursday, July 14, 2011

Too Hip to be Square

Quilt is all done! I still need to make a label for the back. I must confess I have been a bit lazy about labeling my projects lately. I forget how fun it is to look at a quilt and turn it over and see when it was made. I brought my embroidery machine up to the cabin studio yesterday so now I have no excuse about making a label. I also need to sew a sleeve on the back for hanging. I used various dot strips for the binding, and I again made it a single fold binding. Love those. So simple and crisp. For the quilting I used a primary colored variegated Isacord thread in the top and bobbin - the back is a reddish fabric with yellowish polka dots and the multi colored thread looks good. I decided to use my Bernina Stitch Regulator to do a wobbly free-motion "square swirl". I am enjoying the BSR quite a bit! My stitches still aren't completely perfect, but much, much more even with the Regulator. I find the quilting quite relaxing and enjoy just seeing the quilting unfold before my eyes. I will definitely explore this type of piecing and quilting again. There are a couple of small projects in Fresh Quilting (Malka Dubrawsky) that I may throw together tomorrow. I also brought up all my battings and stabilizers,so the batting for potholders is handy for use. Do you remember the previous picture of the empty drawers? Well, there are only three empty ones now. :) Jerilynn

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