Tuesday, July 19, 2011


That is shortcut for Farmer's Wife Quilt A-long that you can read about here. I read a lot of blogs, and the quilty/sewing blogs say much the same thing that I am saying to myself about this....I am very busy, have tons of things/projects that need to be done...this is the LAST thing I need to have on my plate. So, I have seen some of the blocks that people are doing and it was starting to look interesting. Then I thought about my older teaching days when I taught the "Block of the Month Club" and loved making all sorts of different blocks. It didn't get boring. Add that on top of the see-through wire drawers that show me exactly how much fabric I have that should find a project home. So, I went ahead and ordered the book from Amazon, and decided to do the "quilt a-long", but not sure if I am officially going to sign up or if I am just going to do some blocks now and then. The latter approach sounds much better and won't add another layer of to-dos to my list. Jerilynn P.S. Haven't decided if I am going to go with a color plan for the blocks or just keep choosing colors for the blocks as I go along according to my whim. I vote whim.


  1. Jeri...I have a friend here who led a class on the Farmer's Wife class...her quilt is now done and is awesome...no matter how long it would take you to make the blocks...it will be worth the effort!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement! I had the gut feeling that this would be a good undertaking...and it will take a while, but I do think it will be fun and worth the effort!