Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ipad Pouch

Our oldest granddaughter, Courtney, bought her mother the pink Ipad pouch for Mother's Day. Problem is, the color wasn't really quite what was desired. Courtney asked me if I could duplicate the pouch when they came up for the Fourth. Courtney picked out the green fabrics to match her mother's Ipad skin. I used Byannie's Soft and Stable for the padding. It is a great product the is perfect for this type of application. I have the original black color and I just noticed on her website that starting in July it will come in white! It is also great for bags of all kinds. I added hook and loop tape instead of the snap, and the pocket (in front and back) is lined and has an interfacing added for body. Next one I make I will make the pocket go up farther in the back to hold a cord or some notes. The flower trim on the flap is just for fun - no function. I also extending the padding a bit to cover both ends of the Ipad when the flap is closed - extra protection! I see all kinds of ways to personalize this pattern - applique, embroidery, buttons, patchwork. The new pouch is going back home tomorrow, but Courtney says I can still keep the original pink one. I will show you new versions as they happen. Jerilynn


  1. Jerilynn:

    Great job on that iPad pouch. It looks terrific. Glad that the Soft and Stable worked well for you. It gives great body and stability to your project plus good padding for the iPad, doesn't it? White is available and shipping now!


  2. Thanks for the post, Annie! I will be ordering some white Soft and Stable very soon! It is so easy to sew with and is just what the name says...soft AND stable!