Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Jerisew, Are Those Empty Fabric Drawers???

Why, yes, they appear to be empty! I guess I better go back home for a bit to get more fabric up here, especially the Woolfelt! I have been going through a Woolfelt withdrawal lately. These are storage units we picked up at Ikea the last time we were there. Seriously, that store is just my favorite. Years ago, I had a home business, Buttons and Rainbows. I made appliqued clothing to sell to stores. Most of the appliques were out of small dot fabrics and I stored them in wire drawers, which, at that time, were found in most all big box stores. Nowadays, those wire storage drawers can be found in expensive container stores, but only plastic drawers can be readily found elsewhere. When I saw these at Ikea, I knew that was what I needed for the studio. We were going to build a closet on the wall to close in the fabrics, but I may just leave it open for a while. I am enjoying the "loft look" of it for now. Plus, it is going to be easy to find what I need. I feel a serious de-stashing happening. Either through lots of scrap quilting projects or through fabric give-a-ways. The second shot, although not a good shot, is one from my current sewing machine loction out the window. It doesn't do it justice. The water and sun were straight out of a Hamm's Beer Commercial. I would love to get my hands on one of those old beer signs that move. Weren't they just fascinating to watch? Jerilynn

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