Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hmmm, the Blocks are Not Straight!

Now, you have to remember that this quote came from a man who has spent the last two months, non-stop, nailing boards and installing counters and shelves, and laying floor - ALL of which has to be straight! He knew, of course, that I intended these blocks to be crooked. This is a project also from the book, Fresh Quilting by Malka Dubrawsky. I had never tried "improvisational" piecing before, and, let me tell you, fun, fun, fun, fun! No rotary cutting, just whack off strips of fabric with scissors and sew away. If something is a bit too big, cut a chunk off. To little? Add another piece! Very liberating and I love the movement. The book calls this a baby quilt, and how fun is it for a baby! I am not sure what this will turn out to be, but I sure will let you know. We put together four stacks of wire drawer units with ten drawers each. I have about a third of the drawers full. I am heading back to our home this week and will bring back to the cabin much more sewing stuff. The drawer units were going to be in a closet, but I am enjoying the color and easy access. I will try to take cabin update pictures for you very soon. So much has gotten done!!! Jerilynn


  1. Love this style. I bet it felt very creative and spontaneous after so much exacting work on the cabin. Will this be on a wall or on a bed?

  2. It was fun. The book I talked about is full of "improvisational piecing" projects. I hope to tackle some more of the smaller ones. This will be a wall hanging. It is now 40 x 40 and just need to quilt it. For a while I have been collecting solid fabrics, so it was fun to have a stash to work with.