Sunday, July 17, 2011


We picked my sister, who lives in Arizona where it is REALLY hot, on Saturday. She arrived in fresh, cool, Northern Wisconsin....oops, wait a minute. It is REALLY hot here! And REALLY humid! I hope the cooler weather I ordered arrives pretty soon. I think I used Paypal for the order. Anyway, we had to go to Ikea before we picked her up and look what we bought! Isn't it cool? Not too hard to put together and it is holding a lot of stuff. I am not happy how my thread boxes fit, but until I come up with a better solution, this is how they are going to be. I also managed (well, Carl managed) to get a few more of the sewing room cabinets in the Honda to bring to the cabin. It is starting to look and function quite well. Did I tell you about my Craftsman red tool cabinet? I bought a top drawer unit at my dad's estate sale. I was so thrilled! I have loved those red cabinets forever and think they would make perfect sewing cabinets. Anyway, we bought a bottom drawer unit, on wheels, to go under the one I had. Put it all together, hauled them up to the third floor. Admired them. Next day went to fill drawers of new cabinet...locked. Ooops. Keys inside? Not good. Called Sears. Replacement keys only $2.00. Shipping is $10.00. Non-refundable, non-returnable. Okay. Next day went to put something away in new red Ikea drawers and...yep, the keys. Sooo, now I have lots of keys for the Craftsman drawers. Can't believe that men can figure this out and I can't. Jerilynn

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