Friday, July 29, 2011

First Two Farmer's Wife Quilt Blocks

Lots of things have been happening lately, and I have been a bit busy...but isn't everyone always busy? Anyway, instead of doing the five things I should have been doing, I decided to make the first two blocks in The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt book. I first printed off all the templates from a pdf that was talked about here. I am so used to making quilt blocks using a rotary cutter, that using templates is something a bit foreign to me, but fun. I used a heavy presentation paper to print out all the templates - some of them are used quite often. The very first block in the book is on the left - it is the Attic Window. Block number 2 is Autumn Tints. I decided not to decide too much on a color theme. I will just use fabrics and hope for a fun scrappy look. My template piecing wasn't as exact as my piecing blocks using a rotary cutter. I guess the author of the book, Lauri Aaron Hird, hand pieced all of her blocks. That is just crazy. Jerilynn

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