Saturday, July 9, 2011

I Got to Sew Today!!!

Two fun projects!! Yesterday I had the chance to clean and organize the new studio here at the cabin so when I came up to sew today, everything was ready to go! Unfortunately, in my cleaning frenzy, I managed to throw out the instructions that I wrote up for the Ipad pouch I made two days ago. Duh! I figured it out again, and made a cream and navy pouch for my Ipad. The main fabric is a natural colored Osnaburg and needed a little something. I added three rows of decorative machine stitches and that seemed to help. I also extended the pocket higher in the back - it will be good to tuck some papers inside (Ipad pouch instructions, perhaps?). I got a comment from Annie, the creator of the Soft and Stable and she said that the white color is in stock and now shipping...looks like some internet shopping is in store tomorrow! I bought the book, Fresh Quilting by Malka Dubrawsky a few months ago. I love her approach to design and color - quite fun and playful. She is the designer of the round potholders I made a few months back. The project for the sewing machine cover has been on my "want to sew list" for a while now, and I decided today was the day. I used Kona Cottoms Bright Colors Roll-ups. They are strips cut into 2.5" widths. I combines those solids with a solid black sashing. The back print, which I failed to photograph, is a bold, wild sewing print. A little cream and black dot is the binding. I made the cover smaller than the one in the book, because I keep the machine in the sewing table most of the time. Instead of 84 blocks, I only had to make 56. Such a deal. I decided against a free-motion swirly quilting design in favor of a stitch in the ditch quilting. I felt that simple quilting preserved the blocky look of the patchwork. It only took a few hours...a great afternoon project! Jerilynn

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