Friday, July 15, 2011

Um, Haven't This Quilt Been Shown ALOT??!!!

Yes, indeed it has. BUT, the reason that I am showing this again is to show you my good idea! I got the label embroidered, and stitched to the back of the quilt, then started to think about what type of sleeve I wanted to sew on the back to hang it on the wall. I hate sewing on sleeves. Then, kaboom, I had the good idea to mount a curtain rod on the wall and CLIP the quilt to it. The curtain rod can be stretched out to hang bigger things, too. Easy, peasy. I have a couple of other quilts to hang up (neither have a rod pocket sleeve) so I think I better go get another curtain rod. Hope I don't overdo this look. You never can tell about me. I also got 14 corn bags sewn for Peter and his brother in law. I know, I needed to make 16 - 8 for each, but I ran out of corn. Also accomplished was a potholder made from some string pieced squares that are a bit off-kilter. On the cabin front, most of the windows on the original first floor were replaced today. They look good and nice and weather tight. While the curtains were down I thought I should throw them in the wash to freshen. They are looking a bit faded from the sun. I suppose I should add new kitchen curtains to my to-do list. In the meantime, I will put the old ones up and enjoy their clean scent. Jerilynn


  1. Yes but I like seeing the process and you get so many things DONE!
    This is such a creative and colorful look, especially against the fresh wood. I love that look and you can't overdo it. Not possible.

  2. Do you mean corn hole bags? Teach Pete to sew them and ge could sell them! What fabric do you use? Any special design?

  3. The corn hole game bags are made out of a Colton duck material , and four are red and four are black - the colors I had on hand. They can be made out of anything, of course , as long as yo make them 'regulation". I could have embroidered something on them, too, but it was a rush job, and I am preparing for a big sewing presentation so I just made what I had. Come visit!!!