Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Weensie Feet

My youngest son's son, Benjamin, was born 8 or 9 weeks early two and a half years ago.  His feet were so weensie!  Son Peter had those tiny feet tattooed on his chest, over his heart.  I am not a tattoo fan, but I had to admit, those feet were precious!  So, I scanned the footprints from the hospital records and digitized them in my Bernina V6 software and used that embroidery for a few items - towel, bib...  When I was down helping with the newest baby, I took a copy of her brand-new footprints and now they, too, have been translated into stitches.  At under 3", they are just the right size for a corner of this tea towel.  I suppose I could design something with all the details  that could be framed, but having a simple dish towel that can be used over and over for many years is a practical way to remember just how tiny these kids start out!  Jerilynn


  1. All of those handprints they did in school-'member them? Kids knew to hand them over to me-I think those hands and feet are the most precious part of our lives. I truly can understand why son had them tatooed over his heart. =)

  2. This is so precious Jeri. You could add these to your creative repertoire for sale. Priceless!