Saturday, June 2, 2012

Idlewild - Go Jump in the Lake!

There is a new store in Cumberland, which is big for this small town.  It is called Idlewild Outfitters, and it is seriously a cool store.  The store owner's parents bought Idlewild Resort on Beaver Dam Lake in Cumberland back in the 70's and this is where she grew up.  The resort is no longer around; don't know all the history, but it obviously was a wonderful place to this lady.  A big definition of Idlewild is stenciled on the wooden store wall:  "Your place of peace, adventure, and balance".  She explained that they are going to carry items that are going to appeal to the various aspects of that definition.  I love the items they have so far - outdoor, classy and cute clothes, active shoes, quirky cabin decor, thoughtful signs, and interesting books. I guess kayaks are coming soon.  How exciting!  They had a pillow in the store, like the tan one in the first picture.  Loved it!  But, it wasn't RED.  I came home, ordered red toweling (Moda French General, $4.00 a yard), designed the saying in my Bernina V6 software, and stitched it out.  I put a button closure on the back and made a muslin pillow form to fit inside.  I feel a bit bad not buying the pillow from the new store, but I have made a couple of purchases and plan to make more.  Plus, had the store pillow been RED, it would have come home with me that very day.  Not too long ago I had a very vivid dream that I was making a long journey.  I was on some sort of flotation device and I was kicking my way for days in the water.  It wasn't a scary dream at all - it was actually quite peaceful.  I haven't spent much time in the water here at our cabin.  Not because of the quality of water - the lake is crystal clear year-round.  Maybe it is the whole bathing suit, jiggle body thing (no tan - skin is suffering from too much past forced tanning.  Bad idea.).  Maybe I think the big bass will think I am a juicy treat to nibble?  No matter, I had decided after the dream that this would be the summer of swimming.  Getting to know the lake from a different point of view - not just as a gorgeous view out my studio window.  So, when I saw the pillow at Idlewild that commanded me to Go Jump In The Lake, I took it as a sign.  Actually, had it been a sign, I would have bought that.  Anyway, the pillow is made, looks great on the couch, and once the weather heats up, I will be following the pillow's command.  Jerilynn  P.S.  Thanks for the comment on the new garter stitch throw.  It measures about 35" x 50" and I cast on 200 stitches with the Dishie yarn on size 6 circular needles.  I used 16 different colors, and none of the yarn colors was used up, except maybe for the red (of course).  You could use any colors of yarn, any numbers of changes.  It would be pretty in softer colors.....

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