Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Curtains! Stand up and Move One Room to the Right!

There will be an open book (open computer?) test at the end of this blog post.  The top photo is of the curtains we put up when we bought the cabin in January 2007.  Red, good.  The country tabs, not so good.  They served the purpose, and they are nice and heavy and kept the drafts at bay before we replaced windows.  I decided to replace the red curtains with the stripe curtains,  picture two.  Now these curtains started out as a big tablecloth from Pottery barn.  I originally made the tablecloth into a shower curtain for the downstairs bath/utility room, with the leftovers hanging at the kitchen window.  The previous kitchen curtains got way too faded and I was tired of the plaid (no picture!).  I decided that I liked the stripe so much that I would get two more tablecloths (thanks Sarah and Kate!) and use them for the living room.  To see if I was going to like them, I took the curtain in the kitchen and hung it on the side living room window, third picture.  We like it!  BUT, now I didn't have a shower curtain.  I found one I liked at Kohl's, a nice Suzani print (third picture), that goes well with the ceramic fish (fourth picture) that I bought a few years ago in the Swedish section of Chicago (thanks Ellen!).  The color is not good on the shower curtain photo, but in real life it is a nice Martha Stewart blue and white and beige.  AND, I didn't have a curtain for the kitchen window!  I will keep looking for something, but in the meantime I cut off the offending tabs and installed black grommets in the living room curtains and I think they just might be okay for a while (fifth picture).  I still need to finish the rest of the panels for the living room, and the panels for the big kitchen window.  And, iron the new shower curtain.  But, I am just too tired from all this switching around, so I think I will wait until tomorrow.  Jerilynn

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