Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tablet Tote Number Ten

A new Tablet Tote was finished today out of old jeans and some very cool hand-dyed-look fabric by Marcia Derse.  I may appear on the Hoarders show sometime for my obsessive collection of old blue jeans. Just can't throw them out!  Even the zippers can be used, and some of those blue jean zippers are very cool.  This go-round I used a regular zipper because the blue jean zippers are usually fairly short.  I decided to put a pocket on the back of the Tablet Tote to house a bit of paper or a pencil.  Of course the jean pocket will serve that purpose well.  It even comes with "designer" worn spots from Carl's wallet and comb.  If you squint your eyes at the middle picture you can see the outline of said wallet.  Some of the patterns I make are okay, but not ones that I want to make a bunch of every day.  This new pattern, however, is one that I want to put aside all my things I should be doing and just make and make.  I want to try patchwork, applique, more embroidery.  Thanks for being patient through this phase I seem to be going through.  This, too, shall pass.  Jerilynn

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