Thursday, June 21, 2012

Carl, the Dockter

What did I do yesterday?  During the all-day, grey, rain, thunder storms day?  I took a nap, watched HGTV, and watched a tutorial.  (more on that tutorial a bit later).  I stayed inside, unplugged computers and sewing machines, just in case we got zapped.  What did my crazy husband do?  He made all new cedar sections for our dock!  Yep.  In the horrible weather.  He carried each old section (11 in all) up the long stairs, took off the old, rotting wood, and cut all new pieces, spaced them just right, and carried them down and plopped them in place.  The dock, of course, looks brand new and beautiful  I asked him please to keep it this wonderful natural cedar color, but, alas, it won't stay that way.  Soon it will be a soft grey.  That's okay.  It will be nice and safe and sturdy.  Just in time for the two-week long Fourth of July Family onslaught.  I pray for sunny and hot weather so that the new dock can get tested.  Thanks, Carl.  I love you even though I think you work too hard.  ( The above pictures were taken today as he replaces the wood on the bench.  As you can see, it is a much nicer day!)  Jerilynn  P.S.  The tutorial I mentioned is at  She is a digital scrapbooker and her tutorials on Photoshop Elements are not to be missed!  I have purchased a few of her classes over the years and have learned so much.  This latest class is her free present for her 5 year anniversary.  It is her top 5 favorite things to do in Photoshop.  I intend to watch the lessons again and again until the info sinks in.  It is amazing how just a few quick changes can really help a bad picture go good.  Pay her site a visit right now!

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