Sunday, June 3, 2012

New Television Wall

What I did today is not very picture-worthy:  I finished unpacking and organizing box contents in the basement. Finally, all the cleaning supplies are in one location, I have three boxes of Goodwill donations, and I have a pretty good idea of what I am going to list for sale in our local paper.  Boring, but needed to get done.  What isn't boring is what Carl has been up to the last couple of days!  We decided to close up the wall between the support posts in our living room in the lower level.  As you can see from the bottom photo (taken at Easter, thus the colorful hidden eggs!) the stairway is open without any barriers to little ones tumbling off.  So far we haven't had any mishaps, but I wasn't looking forward to the first.  Also by closing up the wall, it gave us a surface to mount the tv.  Doesn't it look just fabulous?!  The little niche under the tv is a built in shelf to hold the cable box and the router.  Add a small basket for playing cards, and a little candle...done!  He still has a little trim to finish up and a door to instill around the corner.  Now when you go through the left hand space to reach the basement, you won't stare into the under-stairs storage area.  This place is looking pretty good - thanks to Carl!  Jerilynn

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  1. wow...what a difference! Fabulous idea.